Security and Your RV


Using a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper will be a lot more enjoyable if everyone is safe and secure. An important part of recreational vehicle safety is keeping your RV secure both when you are on the road and when you are parked. Although you may have done it hundreds of times, you should take extra precautions every time that you head out on the road to make sure that you not only have the right recreational vehicle safety equipment, but that you know how to use it properly. If you don’t make this area of recreational vehicle safety a priority, you may end up losing your RV in an accident and hurting yourself and other drivers as well.

Make sure you have the proper fire extinguisher and check it before each trip to make sure it is charged and will work if you need it. A first aid kit as a valuable thing to have if anyone gets cut or stung while you are camping, check it each time before you go to make sure it is stocked and nothing has expired.

Make sure that you have all of your recreational vehicle safety equipment before you head out on the road. Do you have chocks or wheel blocks? Although you should use chocks on any type of RV, they are an especially useful piece of recreational vehicle safety equipment to use with a tow able RV. The chocks are placed on both sides of the wheels to keep them from rolling and should be inserted snugly so they don’t move. You don’t have to buy the specialized chocks from the manufacturer, you can use wood blocks, but the chocks may work better and be simpler to use. Each time you get out the chocks, you should check them for cracks or bends.

The pin locks are used to secure a fifth wheel, travel trailer or tow-dolly to the tow vehicle. They should be kept very clean and free from dirt, oil and grease. They should be lubricated with something like white graphite, which you can get from a locksmith. You can protect the lock with a plastic cover.
If you buy wood blocks to use for chocks or levelers, use pretreated wood because it will not be eaten by insects and it will last much longer.