Finding a Fun RV Campsite


Using a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper finding a fun camp site will make a difference. A common thought in the RV community is that the Journey can be as much fun as the Destination, I agree with that, and have found that the more time and effort I put into finding the campsite that fits the desires of my family, the more we enjoy the Destination.

There are different ways to go camping, one is to plan your trip, make reservations at a campsite and know when you will arrive and when you will leave. This is the most traditional way to take a trip, and you will want to find a campsite that fits your desires. If you like to fish, look for one that had a pond, or Bay, or is near the Ocean. Remember the rest of the family, if they like to swim, make sure it has at least one swimming pool. Many amusement parks have campgrounds that make it easy to access the park and even offer longer hours for the people camping in the park.

Memberships in organizations like the FMCA can help you locate a nice campground and offer a discount at the same time. There are several organizations, so look at several before you sign up, find the ones that are right for you.

The approach that many full time campers us is minimal planning, just go and make the plans as you go. Since you have a recreational vehicle, you have a place to sleep, so it really does not matter if you have reservations or even know where you are going. This approach takes away a lot of the stress and truly makes the journey a part of the trip. If you are going to a popular place like Disney World, I would suggest that you call ahead and make sure they have campsites available. I think most RV ers will agree that this is the most relaxing way to take a trip, and most of the time they are memorable, and allow you to see and experience new things.