RV Dealer or Private Sale


Selling a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper at the highest price is the goal of most people that are trying to sell an RV. A dealer is willing to purchase most recreational vehicles quickly, and do all the preparation necessary to sell it. Lets take a look at what you would expect if you were buying an RV from a dealer.

When buying an RV from a Dealer you expect it to be clean and ready to go, and you expect everything to work properly, and if it does not, you expect the dealer to fix it at no charge. You should expect a warranty from 90 days to one year, which any reputable dealer will stand behind, and most will offer additional warranty that you can purchase. The dealer expects to buy an RV for as little as possible and sell it for a profit, like any other business. The price that they are willing to pay for an RV is affected by how much time and money they have to invest in an RV to get it ready for sale. Most dealers try to figure out what that will cost and deduct it from the price that they are willing to pay. This is where you can help get more money for your RV from a dealer, by cleaning it up and making any repairs that you are aware of before you take it to the dealer for a price. When you trade an RV for another one, the dealer can make it appear that they are giving you more for your RV, because of the profit that they will make on the one that you are buying, however if you are just selling it to a dealer, they can't do that.

You can probably get more for your RV by selling it yourself, the main draw back is that it may take a while to find a buyer. When you are selling an RV yourself you need to get it ready to sell, details on how to do that can be found in the article "Preparing Your RV to Sell". To get the most for your RV, don't limit yourself to parking it in the front yard with a For Sale sign in the window, you have to advertise. There are several ways to do that, the classified section of the news paper, local automobile classifieds, and probably the most affective is on line classifieds that specialize in selling RV's, since they are attracting people that are shopping for a motor home, travel trailer or camper. Take several good quality digital pictures of the inside and outside, make sure they are well lit and will entice anyone seeing them to want to see more. Put as many pictures in the on line classified ad you can, since you want to attract buyers from all over the country. Give clear details in the Ad, take your time and be thorough, and plan for the ad to run 2 or 3 months, since it can take that long to sell an RV yourself. You should contact the bank or finance company that is financing your RV to see if they would be willing to finance a buyer when you find one, this will be really helpful in selling it quickly and for the most money.

Another option is to ask the dealer about consignment, and check the internet for other dealers before you sign with the first one that you talk to. It is pretty standard for a dealer to charge 6 to 10 percent to show and sell your RV. That sounds like a lot of money, but a dealer can most likely get more money than you can, so you will probably end up with about the same amount of money as selling it yourself. The dealer will probably offer any buyer the opportunity to purchase a warranty, and they can help the buyer with financing.