Which RV is Right for You

Buying a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper is a substantial investment, so take your time and buy the right one. The first and possibly most important decision that you will have to make is which type of recreational vehicle will fit your family's needs and leave you with enough money to enjoy it. Camping can be very affordable, or very expensive, so figure out what you can afford to spend each month to go camping, and that will help you decide what type of RV fits your budget.

A Class A Diesel Pusher is without a doubt the most luxurious and most comfortable way to travel, and as with everything else in life the most expensive way to go also. Class A diesel coaches start around $200,000 new and go into the millions of dollars for the really luxurious ones. If you are planning to spend a significant amount of time traveling you probably want to consider this one. Class A Gas start under $100,000 new and offers many convinces. They just do not offer the more comfortable ride that the air suspensions of the Diesels offer. Either Class A motor home is a big vehicle and difficult to maneuver and park, and may require a special license to drive due to the weight. Class C motor homes offer lots of sleeping, and many comforts, at well under $100,000 new. They are built on a heavy van or light truck chassis, so they do not offer the comfortable air ride either. Either Class A or C will probably need a tow vehicle to provide a way to get around while camping. The Class B is a converted van, so the cost is much less than the Class A or C, and they are much easier to drive and park, which eliminates the need for a tow vehicle, they just have very little room.

A fifth wheel travel trailer provides a lot of room and most cost considerably less than motor homes. The big difference is that everyone has to travel in the vehicle that is doing the towing, rather than have the freedom and room that a motor home provides. They require a full size medium to heavy duty pick up to pull them, so that cost should be taken into consideration. A travel trailer can be pulled with most SUV's or pickups and by many cars, and they offer a comfortable way to camp at less cost. A pop up camper is the most affordable way to camp, but they offer very few of the convinces. of either the travel trailer or the fifth wheel. A truck camper is designed to slide into the bed of a pick up, and are great on rough terrain where a 4 wheel drive is needed.

The larger the RV is, whether it is a motor home or a travel trailer the more expensive it will be to purchase and to use, and with the rising fuel costs this might become an issue. The largest Class A motor homes average about 6 miles to a gallon of fuel, and the larger travel trailers and fifth wheels may cause the tow vehicle to get around the same mileage. This is where you should think about how many trips and how far away you plan to go before you decide which will best fit your needs. If you plan to take weekend trips with in a couple hundred miles from home, fuel cost probably wont be a big issue.

For a more detailed description of each type of RV, "Definitions of Types of RV's" will provide more detailed information about each one. You can search the internet for Classified ads or RV dealers and compare the actual layouts and comforts of each type and size including pictures of each.