What is the Right Price for an RV


Buying a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper at the lowest price is the goal of most RV shoppers today. I think it is safe to say that everyone would like to buy a recreational vehicle for half of what it is really worth, the difficult part is finding a seller that is willing to accept it. Most sellers think their RV is worth what they want , or what they owe on it, the real price of what it is worth is what someone is willing to pay for it.

There are services that will give average prices for RV's, a couple are NADA and Kelly Blue Book, just remember they are just guidelines, and most people don't totally understand how they work. When a model is selected, it includes certain options as part of the base price, so if you or the seller adds them in again the price will be to high, so read carefully what is included in the base price. The most accurate way to determine what an RV is worth is to invest the time and shop the classified ads on line. You will be amazed at how many there are, and the difference in value of the same RV from on ad to another.

Be knowledgeable about the type of RV that you are interested in, for example a Class A motor home with a gas engine with 85,000 miles is really high, however the same coach with a diesel engine would be considered not an issue, since most diesels will go many hundred thousand miles. The internet is full of information, so search for articles and information that will help you make the best decision before you spend any money.

RVing can be a very rewarding and enjoyable way to spend time with your family, however it can also be an expensive way to travel, so do your home work, decide how much you can afford to spend to purchase an RV and still be able to afford to use it. You might find that a motor home is the way that you would like to travel, but a travel trailer might make it affordable enough that you can afford to use it more. The real fun is in the journey, and it will be fun as long as you get to make lots of journeys.