Buying an RV from an Individual


Buying a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper at the lowest price is the goal of most RV shoppers today. The desire to get the best deal possible for anything that we purchase has made buying used from an individual very enticing. As wonderful as saving money sounds buying an RV from an individual can be risky however that risk can be greatly reduced by making a sensible decision.

Since a dealer has over head, a buyer can usually buy from a individual and save a substantial amount of money, however there is seldom a warranty. It is possible to get a warrant when buying from an individual, so make sure you do the research and ask the question. Some individual sales involve a broker or dealer and that makes a warranty an option that the buyer can purchase, while still saving on the price of the recreational vehicle.

One thing that most sellers are planning is to sell the RV for enough to pay off the existing loan, and that can be a good thing if they owe less than it is worth, and a bad thing if they owe more than it is worth. You can look up the value of an RV on the NADA web site or Kelly Blue book web site, but neither will replace taking the time and effort to shop on line and see what is available at what price. There are a lot of recreational vehicles for sale in the united states, so don't limit yourself to only looking in your local area, because that will cost you money.

Do a search for used RV's and you will be amazed at how many there are. Classified on the internet is a fast and effective way to find the RV's every where in the United States. You will probably find that it will be worth traveling to get a better deal. Since you are shopping for an RV for the purpose of traveling, use that concept to your advantage and start traveling during the shopping process.

When you find the RV that you want, ask questions about maintenance records, ask to see them, that will verify that the maintenance was done and at what interval, and where the maintenance was performed. During general friendly conversation, ask why they are selling the RV, and think about the answer, your goal is to see into any problems they may be trying to get rid of. Most people that are selling an RV themselves are selling because of health, or age, or have financial issues that are forcing them to sell.

Make sure the RV had been properly winterized it is in a cold area, and run some water, smell it for stale, that may indicate bacteria in the water. The time of year greatly affects the salability and price of an RV. Spring is usually the best time to sell, and the best time to see the greatest selection for the buyer, but the prices are usually higher during the spring than any other time. Florida and other warm climate areas have peak sales in the winter, since that is when most people migrate to the warmer climate. If you really want to save money, buying in the "off" season is a great way to save.

To save the most money take your time and spend as much time as you can searching the classified ads on the internet, and you will see just what is available and at what price. Send e mails and ask questions before you go out and look, don't be afraid to travel, after all travel is why you are buying an RV.