Buying an RV from a Dealer


Buying a Recreational Vehicle whether it is a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop up or truck camper at the lowest price is the goal of most RV shoppers today. Like buying an automobile, buying a recreational vehicle from a dealer can be safer than buying from an individual. Most dealers include some kind of warranty so you can have a higher comfort level that if something breaks, the dealer will stand behind it.

The thing to remember is that the dealer is in business to make a profit, and that is fair and necessary if they are going to be in business very long. As a buyer, you want to buy the RV for the least amount of money possible, and this article should help you do that.

There are hundreds or even thousands of RV dealers in the United States, however in your local area there may only be a few, and that will limit your selection, and the lack of competition will mean a higher price. Taking the time and effort to shop at several locations will not only save you money, but will also help you find the RV that will best fit your needs and desires. The internet can take out a lot of the work and limit the amount of driving that you will need to do to shop at 25 to 50 RV dealers, and the amazing part is that you can do it in less than a week.

The first thing that you need to do is decide which RV is right for you. If you need help making that decision, the article "Which RV is Right for You" is a great tool to guide you through what can be a difficult and costly decision. Once you know which type of RV you want, you can begin by doing a search for Dealers of the type of RV (example Class A motor home dealers), the more specific you make the search the fewer the results will be. You can also search by state or region if you do not want to travel the entire country. Since you can save tens of thousands of dollars on some RV's at some dealers you will probably find that it is worth looking and traveling pretty much any where in the country for the right deal. Don't be afraid to buy from a dealer half way across the country, in most cases the warranty work can be completed at a dealer in your area, just ask the dealer how that works before you buy.

The more educated and knowledgeable you are about the RV industry and the one that you are looking for, the better your chances are of finding the best deal. Take the time to shop on line and look at 50 to 100 dealers to see what is really available before you even get serious about actually going and looking, other wise you will not know a good or bad deal when it is put in front of you. If you find an RV 1000 miles away for a good price, tell the local dealer what you found, they may actually beat it.

If you are buying a new RV, ask the dealer if the manufacture has any additional discounts or rebates that might apply to your purchase. If you are buying a used RV ask the dealer if it is a consignment or if the dealership owns it. Find out how long it has been on their lot, most of the time if it has been there for 3 months they are more interested in taking a lower price, and if it has been there over 6 months, you can probably get an even better deal. Don't be afraid to ask how long has it been here, why did the owner get rid of it, what did they trade for (a more expensive or newer model), that might point out possible issues if they made an other than upward trade. The best price you will probably ever get from a dealer is when you do not have a trade, so don't jump at the first offer, ask questions like will they include additional warranty, or additional options that you might want an no additional charge, be specific at what options you are asking about.

Make sure you try it out before you buy, test drive it or if it is a trailer, try towing it with the vehicle that you will be using to tow it. There is nothing worse than making a deal and signing all the paper work before you find out that it is bigger than you can handle or to much for the vehicle that you have to pull it with. It would be to your advantage to test drive early, even before your decision on which type RV you really want. All dealers will be happy to take you for a test drive, even if you don't buy.

An RV is not something that most people buy impulsively, so dealers expect it to be multiple visits before you are even serious about what you want, so take advantage of that and let them show you everything before you even begin to decide. The relationship between yourself and the dealer is very important, since one of the primary reasons for buying from a dealer is the warranty and their willingness to stand behind what they sell, so make sure you trust the salesperson and the dealership.

Owning a Recreational Vehicle can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding investments that you make, so take your time, find the right one for you, in price, type and where you buy it from. If you miss a good deal, don't worry, there will be another one, that will probably be an even better deal. A recreational vehicle is a major investment, that should provide you with many years of continuous enjoyment so take your time, make the right decision, and make the shopping a part of the fun.